6 Bingeworthy Shows to Netflix and Seltz with this winter…

Hello! You are like us, and can't help but click on a Netflix list so we thought we'd share ours with you. And our current mood is this... we've swapped our weekly beach seltzer sessions for a cozy couch one instead, because it. is. freezing.

So grab a mixed COAST Party Pack, a pal and some warm socks because it's time to Netflix and Seltz.

  1. Super Pumped. The tale of how we come to catch Ubers when we’re 5 Seltz deep and need a ride home. This series is cringeworthy and explores some serious issues in the Uber workplace but it’s extremely hard to turn off.
  1. Stranger Things Season 4 is out and we can’t look away. Seltz in hand.
  1. Selling Sunsets. Sit back and sip your Seltz whilst vicariously living through the lives of Hollywood's most elite Real Estate office. All the dream homes, all the drama! - it's giving 'Blood Orange Seltzer vibes, and you may even want to drink your seltz in a cocktail glass with fruit and ice for this one.
  1. Inventing Anna. What a ride, you’ll need a seltz to get your head around this one! Whether you decide Anna is a criminal or an entrepreneur, we think she is an absolute genius and really gives us a look in to the lives of the rich and famous.
  1. Lincoln Lawyer. While Matthew McConaughey is not actually in this new series, we have dubbed it absolutely ‘worth watching’. 10 eps & few seltz in a single day is possible without getting bored, however we chose to watch it over a couple of weeks.
  1. Maid. We could watch this one over and over! If you haven’t watch it yet, make your Friday nights in for Seltzer and Maid. You’ll feel all the feels and fall in love with Alex.

So there you have it! Cheers to a happy Couch COAST Sesh!