Coast Hard Seltzer

So what’s a seltzer you ask?

Great question, it’s literally soda water (only the finest at Coast of course).
Spiked with alcohol, and a hint of your favourite natural flavour.

Over wine? Have a seltzer!

Gin not your thing? Have a seltzer!

Not a beer lover today? You get the gist!

And if you are all of the above, you should have a seltzer too, it will rock your world!


And what's the BEST NEWS about COAST?

We've ticked a few boxes so more of us can join the Seltz club...
Coast Hard Seltzer Nutrition Information
Low Calories - We know, soooo good!
No sugar - Like the lowest of low and only from the natural flavours.
Vegan - Because we care!
No Gluten - Everyone say YAY!
No worries - The best way to live.

Let us introduce you to our favourite flavours...

Coast Hard Seltzer Blood OrangeCoast Hard Seltzer Watermelon
Coast Hard Seltzer LimeCoast Hard Seltzer Cucumber & Mint

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