Coast Seltzer Citrus & Cranberry Mimosa Recipe

Coast Hard Seltzer Cranberry and Citrus Mimosa Recipe

Whether you’re looking for a breakfast cocktail recipe or want to mix up your Mimosa game, we have a new fruity and fresh Coast Hard Seltzer Cocktail for you!

This epic mix of orange and cranberry is a super easy Autumn cocktail ready for the next catch up with the crew!

Coast Hard Seltzer Orange & Cranberry Mimosa Recipe

What you need for the Mimosa:

  • 1 can per cocktail of Coast Hard Seltzer Citrus Spritz
  • Orange Juice (we’ve used the pulp free stuff for a smoother finish)
  • Cranberry Juice (we’ve used the low sugar version here but definitely get the sweetened one if you’re a sweet tooth!)
  • Cointreau (or any sort of orange liquor that takes your fancy!!!)
  • Your fave glass (we’ve used a champaign flute because we’re trying to stick to tradition….sort of!)
  • OPTIONAL: If you’re feeling carefree and fancy free, prep some fresh orange wheels and/or cranberries for garnish.


  1. Prep you favourite party glass and one for your mate too
  2. Fill your glass a quarter of the way up with cranberry juice and another quarter with orange juice…should be about half full now!
  3. Splash some of your Cointreau in there too
  4. Top up with Coast Hard Seltzer Citrus Spritz!
  5. Garnish with sections of your fresh Orange wheel and ta-da, a Coast Hard Seltzer Mimosa is ready and waiting for you!

Easy, quick and minimal ingredients makes this Mimosa recipe one for any party day or night!

Enjoy Coast Crew!