COAST Unveils a Zesty Twist with Pink Lemonade: Your Go-To for Crafted Seltzers and Hard Lemonades

We are so excited to introduce our brand new holiday in a can – Pink Lemonade! This exciting addition to the COAST lineup blends the crispness of hard seltzers with a twist of strawberry sweetness, redefining what you think of hard lemonades.

When it comes to crafted seltzers and hard lemonades, COAST knows how to make a refreshing brew. We are already known for our tasty range of hard seltzers, we've now expanded our range to include the delicious Pink Lemonade.

Join us at Blackman's Torquay Beer Garden on November 17th for an exclusive launch event. Enjoy yourself in the coastal vibes and try our COAST cocktails and slushies featuring our newest creation.

Whether you're a seltzer enthusiast, hard lemonade connoisseur, or a fan of independent beer, our Pink Lemonade promises to hit the spot on a warm sunny day.

So, we invites you to raise a can for our new Pink Lemonade! Join us for the celebration of our new summer spritz. With new cocktails especially for the event, and a beer garden to relax in, it is bound to be an epic day.

Friday 17th November
Blackman's Brewery Torquay
Beer Garden - Margaritaville
26 Bell St, Torquay VIC 3228