COAST Winter Road Trip: Part 1

It’s time for a ROAD TRIP Coast crew! 💦

When the Summer revellers pack up and head home...or North...for the Winter, the Surf Coast really does bring out a different side of beauty. That's why we've decided to spend our weekends taking you to some of our FAVOURITE SPOTS along the Great Ocean Road this Winter! 

Our first stop is our home town of TORQUAY....

A part from the epic surf, solid coastal walks and equally good food, our favourite thing about the start of the Great Ocean Road is the local legends. In particular our awesome COAST Crew including the Torquay Hotel, Corks Crew, Fishos, Phoklore, Blackman's Brewery annnndddd Bird Rock in Jan Juc. 

Whilst we're on the topic of Bird Rock and Jan Juc....have you ever taken the cruisy hike from Jan Juc to Bells? Or even explored Point Addis? 

Point Addis is a COAST favourite and the national park is a part of the Country of the Wathaurong People. With incredible views, hidden walking tracks with little gems along the way and the sandstone cliffs from the pristine beach below you can understand why we're a little taken with it. 

It's also a great spot to stop on your way to Anglesea which is our next stop along the Great Ocean Road!

Only a hop, skip and a jump along the Great Ocean Road from Torquay is Anglesea. 

A part of the land of the Wathaurong people, this small coastal town snakes around the river leading to the ocean. With stunning beaches, cozy river walks and one epic look out on your way out of town, it's a family favourite along the Surf Coast. 

We also can't help but mention our Anglesea COAST Crew including the Anglesea Hotel anddd the Great Ocean Road Resort! Make sure to swing past them if you're in need of a COAST or few for the trip. 


Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Weekend Road Trip series as we explore Aireys Inlet and Lorne!