Crusher Sunshine Punch

The Victorian sunshine has come and we're feelin' inspired to create the ultimate punch that's easy to make, tastes AMAZING and has your fave CRUSHER Party Hard Seltz in the mix. 

Here's what you'll need:

  • Pineapple Juice
  • Seasonal Summer Fruit (we used fresh pineapple and orange)
  • Your choice of tropical flavoured vodka (for our's we used ABSOLUT Passionfruit vodka but you can easily sub in whatever you're feeling at the time!)
  • COAST Seltz Sesh playlist for good vibes (check it out here!)

Here's how we create the masterpiece that is this punch:

  1. Press play on COAST Seltz Sesh playlist
  2. Chop up all your seasonal fruit and put 2/3 in your favourite punch bowl and top with 1/3 ice
  3. Have a little boogie
  4. Pour your pineapple juice until your punch bowl is half full 
  5. Add 90ml of your flavoured vodka
  6. Top up with COAST Crusher Tropical Hard Seltzer
  7. Stir and mix your amazing punch
  8. Taste test and top up with juice or crusher to get it to your liking!
  9. Pour and add rest of seasonal fruit for garnish 
  10. Share with mates & ENJOY!

It's a tropical mix that tastes like sunshine in liquid form. Enjoy COAST Crew!