Watermelon COAST Cocktail

Looking to bring the party to your place? Or perhaps you're thinking of treating yo' self to something a little more epic than your regular Seltz? Well, don't we just have the perfect thing for you with our super easy (and epic) COCKTAIL KITS! 

If there's one thing Lockdown has gifted us, it's cocktail kits for your very own Iso sessions...and we don't mean the ones that have a trillion steps and ingredients either... 

We're not about the fuss or juggling cocktail shakers here at COAST, we're talking 3 magic ingredients with a sprinkle of love andddd you're sorted. 

Here's what the Watermelon COAST Cocktail kit includes....
1. The all important Watermelon COAST.
2. Sweet and delicious Watermelon Liqueur 
3. A lil Watermelon and Vanilla mixer to indeed mix. it. up. 

Annnddd here's how to make it..... 
1. Find your favourite cocktail glass, or glass, or cup or mug...I mean we're not one to judge. 
2. Fill it up with some ice...(cue *ice, ice, babyyyy in your head right about now*)
3. Now become a mixologist by tipping in your liqueur and mixer.
4. Top 'em up with COAST Watermelon Seltzer andddd
5. Add your finishing touches - literally whatever your heart desires but we're rocking a wedge of watermelon and look maybe a pink umbrella because we're feeling fancy. 

Now it's your turn COAST lovers. Head here to lock one in for you and your COAST crew.

PS. If you're a visual learner and have just skimmed the above, click here to watch just how simple it is....