What is a seltzer? And are they really that much better for you?

Dive into the bubbly world of seltzers with Coast.

If you're on the lookout for a refreshing and guilt-free beverage, seltzers have been taking the world by storm.

So what is a seltzer? 
A seltzer is sparkling water with natural flavours. There are a few different alcohols you can use to make seltzer, like sugar cane or straight ethanol. We like to use vodka, as it is smooth and enhances the delicious Coast flavours. 

What makes Coast Seltzer unique?
Coast Seltzer stands out with its vodka base, ensuring a smooth sip without the gluten guilt. Embrace the low-sugar lifestyle with our naturally flavoured seltzers. The perfect refreshment for your summer.

Why choose Coast Seltzer over your usual RTDs?
Coast Seltzer is the game-changer in the ready-to-drink world. With no gluten and minimal sugar, it's a healthier alternative without compromising on taste. Embrace a cleaner, bubblier experience that won't weigh you down.

Are natural flavours a big deal?
Absolutely! Coast Seltzer takes pride in using only natural flavours, providing a crisp and authentic taste that artificial additives can't match. No unnatural additives here folks, it's the real deal.

Want to have a go of our Coast seltzers for your next sunny day?

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