Tasty Coast cocktails to have at your next dinner party

Summer is on it's way, and there is nothing better than a flavoured spritz in the sun! Whether you're craving something boozy, or looking for tasty mocktail, we have two delicious recipes here that are perfect for any occasion. Here are two recipes to get you started for your next sunny day. Coast Margarita Spritz | Coast Zero Alcohol Paloma  ------ Coast Margarita Spritz Ingredients: - 30ml Tequila (we use Tromba Tequila )- 15ml lime juice- 15ml agave syrup (you can get this from most bottle shops, or use sugar syrup instead)- 1 can of Lime Coast Hard Seltzer- Ice Method: 1. Salt rim your glass. Sprinkle some salt onto a small plate. Put lime juice on the rim of your glass, and dip the glass...

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